Jul-Aug 2022

Barista Training ESL Program for newcomers in Canada to help them successfully find a job in the food & service industry.
Jul-Aug 2022

Class Schedule & Location

Schedule will be sent to students directly.
866 Bathurst St. Toronto, ON M5R 3G3


8 weeks-long Canadian Barista Training ESL Program for newcomers in Canada without barista experience to help them successfully find a job as a barista or in the food & service industry.

The curriculum is to help students to adopt Canadian culture and prepare for landing a barista job. Each class is composed of coffee foundation lectures, customer-service based communication exercise, and practicing making café beverages.

* Costs for all of the class materials and textbooks are included in the tuition.

WEEK 1. Program Introduction & Barista Foundation

· Coffee bean types, roasting level, blending, and grinding beans

· Learn about coffee in deep

· Espresso machine, extracting espresso skills and methods

WEEK 2. Canadian Café Culture – Coffee

· Canadian coffee culture

· Coffee drink recipe

· Custom drinks

WEEK 3. Canadian Café Culture – Other Food & Beverages

· Non-espresso based drinks in Canadian Café

· Canadian café food and desserts

WEEK 4. Latte Art Classes

· Milk steaming, pouring, and handling

· Various latte art skills

· Monk’s Head, Heart, Rosetta, Tulip

WEEK 5. Preparation for Getting Barista Job in Canada

· Resume (creating and editing)

· Job searching and applying skills

· Practice for interviews

WEEK 6-8. Barista Internship

· Training for job reference

· Hands-on barista experience

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